Mission Cupcake: Accomplished


This is me… (4 months pregnant in my Junior League pic for this 2010-2011 year)

This is my friend Tania… (in her picture for Brickell Magazine Top 20 under 40 spread)

This is a Buttercream Cupcake

… for weeks we have been postponing a cupcake date. The plan was, go get cupcakes and catch up.
Easier said than done…
Today at around 5:15pm we decided to finally make this happen. Although a red storm cell of rain was pouring outside, we ventured.
I’d been packing all day with the help of my mama…so the sound of a cupcake was like a much needed slice of heaven.
Generously, Tania came to pick me up wearing her finest and newest T-Shirt…a Lego Star Wars T brought to her from Orlando by her husband who stayed up all night in line to meet George Lucas and Mark Hamel at some sort of Star Wars thing…(it was uber cute and she wanted me to share that with you).
So we made our way to Buttercream (which surprisingly stays open until 9pm on Sundays!)…and indulged. Tania had never been there…and after her orange cupcake…she is in love and going back tomorrow for vanilla coconut cupcakes.

This was one of the best parts of the weekend…since the majority of it was spent packing up our house. …though we did have a nice time with friends last night for a surprise birthday party.
Hope you all had a nice weekend…painting continues this week.