How do you like the new look of the blog? It hadn’t been changed in 2 years…

Adventures with the Bee

Here is today’s ensemble (which I really like). There was a board meeting today at the museum, and it was the first one I had been to since I had le bebe…so I wanted to make sure I looked well put together. The majority of the ensemble is from Ann Taylor Loft, who’s Spring Collection…

Miami Circle Ensemble

As you know my day job is that of VP of Education and Visitor Services at HistoryMiami (formerly the Historical Museum of Southern Florida). Today was a big day at work, after 12 years of working on this project and about 1.5 years of construction—The Miami Circle (managed by HistoryMiami) opened to the public today….

Not My Favorite

Not really digging my look today…so I thought I would capture it so that I could remember that. I wish I had a different shirt on under the cardigan so I could wear it open—I wish I had belted it…Mind you the purples and greens in the scarf are actually really pastels, not bright…as is…

Target to the Rescue Again! (Fashion)

So, why pay $178 for the dress on the top (Ann Taylor) when you can pay $20 for the one on the bottom?! Personally I went with option B…and being that they are $20 on sale right now, I also got it in olive, black and this great dark teal.

Another Spring Fashion

So Oprah told me that wearing nude color heels will make me look slimmer…maybe it was Nate Berkus…point is…after searching and finding the perfect pair…I found an inexpensive perfect pair! Since I am NOT a heel wearing girl, finding a nice comfortable pair is important. My favorites are Cole Haan’s Nike Air heels…but these are…

Orange & Blue

Last week I saw I am Love starring Tilda Swinton. This Italian film was not at all what I expected…great character development and tragic in the end- naturally. Anyhow, the bright smiley part of the film was Tilda Swinton’s wardrobe and collection of Hermes handbags. This ensemble has to be my favorite. I love the…

Hair Unveil

TADA! Here is my hair…freshly cut last night. 8″ donated… bangs cut… I’m thinking the bangs will grow but I may keep the hair shorter for a while. What do you think?

Hair Donation Day

Take one LONG last look friends…its coming off this afternoon. I have not decided if I am going with Pantene (8″) or Locks of Love (9″)… what do you think?I also don’t know if I’ll do a bang or not…I’m leaning towards NO… Would love your opinions… xoxo