For the Summer III

To continue to show off pages from my sketchbook from this summer… here are two other drawings I did. I want to turn the top one into a painting, because we SHOULD all be beautiful cupcakes in a world of muffins!  Hope you are having a sunny and creative summer! XOXO

For the Summer II

Here are more of my watercolors that I have been working on this summer. I also finished a commission last week, which I am in love with. Beetle   Blue Crab     Pineapple   Mangrove commission that I just finished.   Russian Nesting Doll Hope you are having a great summer! XOXO

For the Summer

This is what I have been up to this summer. I have been doing a lot of water coloring and posting mostly on Instagram.  I’ll be posting more this week. Are you having a creative summer?   Mangroves   Truth! Nautical Monograms for my Family   A VW for my husband   The Asian inspired…