Thursday Threads: College Football Gear

It is college football season. To me this is far more important and exciting than NFL football. The real passion is in NCAA football. I went to SMU which is synonymous with having been given the death penalty in the 80’s for blatantly doing what other teams do…pay their players. Anyhow—SMU football is finally getting…

Wardrobe Wednesday: Shoes

I must confess…my ensemble is NOT Wednesday Wardrobe worthy today. I’m wearing a maxi dress with an oversized cardigan and sandals. Sounds cute in theory…but not in implimentation. Maybe its the messy hair, maybe its the lack of make-up. So…today’s Wednesday Wardrobe is focussing on the shoes I wore to dinner on Monday night, because…

Oldie But Goodie

This is one of my favorite series of paintings. I call it Circles…this is not what I was going to blog about tonight— I was going to write about my fall TV schedule…but then the baby didn’t nap all day and getting to bed became quite a chore…so here is my blast from the past….

Inspiration is All Around Us

Inspiration is all around us…it’s as simple as that. A few months ago while popping in next door to the Miami Art Museum (MAM), I saw this bright green T-Rex and I fell for him. I put off buying him for months…and every time I went over to MAM for a meeting or something I…

Berg-Squared Locket

Last week I made a locket for my dear friend Kirsten. She and I have been friends since before our freshman year (we met on a visit to SMU with our moms in tow)…and that’s a long time! Her kids are adorable and because of that it was easy to make her locket. Aren’t they…

Thursday Threads: Come Fly With Me

I’ve always loved great vintage (or vintage inspired) pieces. This Thursday I bring you the latest two things I am coveting. These Pan Am bags are amazing…they are perfect for work or a weekend get away. The top canvas one is REVERSIBLE! …the blue one is sturdy and bound to stand the test of time….

Wednesday Wardrobe: Splashes of Color

It’s Wednesday…and I have a confession to make. This is actually what I wore yesterday…today I’m rocking some Old Navy and Tory Burch…same glasses though. I realized that I had only been wearing my wayfarers and not my other 2 options.Anyhow—I’m finally operating on EST again…took me about 48 hours to get back on track….

Mr. & Mrs. Tall Dark and Handsome

My friend Singleton in the Kitchen got married to her tall, dark and handsome Prince Charming in the most perfect setting this past weekend. Singleton is one of my favorite people in the entire world. She is the girl who puts a smile on my face just by walking in the room, she’s just lovely….

California Dreamin’

Rehearsal Dinner in Sonoma at a Fly Fishing Ranch. Here I am with 2 of my BFFs, Kirsten and Lauren both flew in from Texas to be in the wedding party. Our Bride, Ms. Singleton with her “SMU” girls. Isn’t she the prettiest bride? It because she is glowing with love her Mr. Singleton to…