Thursday Threads: Father’s Day

I wish my husband would let me dress him…but alas he does not. He does a good job when getting our mini dressed…but some of his choices are questionable. I do buy him clothes, but I honor his likes and dislikes…so this list is my fantasy list of what I would buy for him for Father’s Day…

This great pair of shoes comes to you courtesy than none other than J.Crew. As you can see their have teamed up with Nike to create this exclusive collection. This pair is only $70 online at J.Crew.

I’m obsessed with finding myself a GREAT pair of red shorts…so naturally I would buy this for Mr. D as they would be great this summer. The J.Crew “beach short” is $75 and can be found online here.

I love a good blue gingham shirt. I could wear one everyday. I just bought a great one here but this is not about me, it’s about Father’s Day! This beauty is also from J.Crew and is $64.50 online. Personally I would take all three items listed above and pair them together with a pair of aviators, and damn you’ve got yourself one hot dad!

Then there is the almighty Best Buy gift card. This is what Mr. D really wants for Father’s Day. Is this what he is getting? No…but a boy can dream I suppose!

Happy Father’s Day & Happy Shopping!!