Thursday Threads: Miami in the Fall


So Miami in the Fall is bizarre. It’s “cooler” because on average its in the mid 70’s – high 80’s during the day…but then we’ll get a “cold front” and it will cool down to lower-mid 70’s during the day. However envious you all may be of us down here…we are envious of everyone up north who gets to put on boots, scarves and cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa!

So how do we dress… here are some building blocks I found on the interwebs this week that caught my eye… This green dress is a little something I found at Old Navy online. It’s about $40, and comes in serpent (green) or a beige…personally I love the green. It’s light enough that we can wear on a high 70’s day…but easily can be “warmed” up for a cool 67 degree night! Just add a cardigan, a scarf and tights…you are set. Maybe black tights with black booties?

This sparkly number is another Old Navy find. It is an Internet only find at about $35. This is the dress in “black” but it also comes in beige with rosettes embellished on it and another black with rosettes embellished on it. This one is my favorite of the three. Again, easy to “warm up” and dress up.

This southwestern inspired open number I found really lovely. It’s a “trend” that is classic, and I could honestly see myself wearing this not only as shown above, but with something like the green dress. It looks beyond comfortable, and in Miami this is normally as heavy as we need to go when it gets “cold”.

Last but never least is a rockin’ pair of riding boots. I was telling one of my sorority sisters and favorite people in the world, A over at the A-List (a funny funny blog by the way)that if investing in boots, always go with a riding boot. They are comfortable, classic, stylish and will never go out of style! They are a great investment…that’s why two years ago when Ciao Bella came out with the solid black and solid cognac colored versions of this dual tone boot, I bought them both. This pair, currently is available at DSW online for under $100! AND they come in a wide calf if you need that. The best part of the dual tone boot, is that all you need is ONE pair of boots! If you live in Miami this is all you really need…these boots you can wear over skinny jeans, with tights and a dress, with skinny black pants they are a great investment.