Wednesday Wardrobe: Splashes of Color


It’s Wednesday…and I have a confession to make. This is actually what I wore yesterday…today I’m rocking some Old Navy and Tory Burch…same glasses though. I realized that I had only been wearing my wayfarers and not my other 2 options.
Anyhow—I’m finally operating on EST again…took me about 48 hours to get back on track. While I was in California I got two more locket orders and I delivered a nursery painting. So even while on vacation I was working.

…and yes, this is me wearing more Missoni treasures from Target. More things have been creeping back into the stores, have you noticed? I’ve always been a BIG Missoni fan, so I would have purchased most of the collection if I could have. Since the initial insanity I have also scored some leggings, black tights and a skirt for babykins in a store and I got a present for someone in my family…so I can’t make that public. I understand that someone also scored a pair of the heels for me…nice!

I wonder who Target will bring next? Any clues?