Flat Stanley? Please…Flat C is Much Better…


You all know Flat Stanley right? Paper doll that people send all around the world and take pictures of…
Well, in my “sophomore spice” group of friends from college, we have a “Flat” version of whichever one of us could not be on a trip.
My friend Claudia (far right) for instance could not be at my wedding or our trip to Arizona 2 years ago and Chicago last year…so we made a “Flat Claudia” and took pictures with her.
Last weekend was my 10 year college reunion at SMU. I was really sad I could not go and be among friends on the Hilltop—but I am in the no fly zone, and frankly Baby C is more important at this point. SO…the girls made a “Flat C”…notice how prego I look…well because I am.
These are my friends L-R, Julie “Cool”, Sara, Mary Michael “MM” (who is 20 wks prego), Claudia “Clouds” and me…our friend Lindsay is missing from this picture too, but she was there…hence no “Flat Linds“.
What fun traditions do you have with friends?