Busy Weekend


It was a busy week. I kept working on two bags for a friend. …but I don’t want to show those off just yet. So…here is what I wore from Thursday – Today. Thursday I paired up an oldie but goodie skirt from Anthropologie with a great orange cardigan from J.Crew. I went with a long skirt again, because my knee is still bruised from curling last week…and I didn’t feel like wearing pants.

Friday was D’s birthday–so the weekend became a birthday weekend. Friday, dinner at my in-laws with the whole immediate family. Saturday was great, the museum was having one of its famous boat tours to Stiltsville. I went and worked the tour (observations are a necessity) and got to bring D and two friends. After our literal 3 hour tour, we hit one of the greatest local places, Scotty’s Landing. A great afternoon, only became a great night with a few friends coming over to help D celebrate. Happy 34!

Today was Pi day (3.14), and what a better way to spend it than with women I love and respect at the annual Junior League of Miami, Women Who Make a Difference luncheon. It was so nice to be among friends…and it was especially nice to hear such nice things about this blog. I’m glad it’s being enjoyed.
I love writing it, I love sketching for it, I love showing off new work on it.